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Introducing our latest product range just in time for breeding season...Chicken Saddles/protectors... each saddle is made from quality cotton and lined and backed with calico for comfort...washable and easy to apply (no clips or fasteners) they will protect your hens for seasons to come.. follow the pages above for all the details and navigate to our store for our complete product selection...

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our site..,We encourage you to take the time to explore this site and gather information on sizing required for your rooster, take some time to watch our demonstration videos to gather information on how to effectively apply the collars in our range and then navigate to our store to make your purchase safe and secure with several payment options...

We are an Australian family owned and operated business dedicated to providing a safe and effective cruelty free way to reduce your roosters volume and frequency of his crow. All orders are processed within 24 hours and shipping with domestic mail services within 48 hours of receipt of orders is guaranteed..If you require express delivery please contact us and this can easily also be arranged...  

The” Cock collar” has been designed after thoughtful consideration on the comfort of the rooster foremost and reliability of materials used. The collars are designed and trademarked to be worn snug around the rooster’s lower neck without altering their ability to communicate with the rest of the flock or behave in any other different way except lowering their crow in the morning and throughout the day. Our rooster collars prevents roosters from pushing out contents they have inhaled all at once, which produces a softer less powerful crow, (please watch a few of our videos to see examples of roosters wearing the collars) while still allowing your rooster to function and perform normally. 

The collars are made from adjustable soft elasticized band which will enables the collar to bend and move with the rooster so he can do everything he always does (eating, drinking and using other vocalizations). After the rooster has adjusted to wearing it, the collar no longer bothers them, and it allows their necks total freedom and flexibility. The collar will not guarantee the fully stop your rooster from crowing; instead it is designed to significantly reduce the volume and frequency of the crowing. However each rooster is different, and each owner is responsible for using the Cock collar as guided by the following instructions.

Feeding: Feeding of large size feed, some whole grain and foods such as bread may cause obstruction, caution is advised especially when feeding bread…please monitor for signs of stress and remove collar if you notice any problems

Adjusting the collar: please take the time to view some of our videos here, they are filled with tips and demonstrate correct placement.. From time to time we recommend that you adjust the position of the cock collar and tighten the collar to keep it functioning properly, and to allow for inspection of any irritation or parasite infestation. Also keep in mind that if you've put it on the cockerel it will need to be adjusted as the rooster grows. We recommend weekly adjustments in young cockerels. The collar is placed over the feathers; sometimes some of the feathers come free allowing the rooster to crow again if this occurs simply readjust the collar. We have tested dozens of roosters, our clients have tested hundreds the health and safety of our and your birds is always at the forefront of our minds when designing the collar..if it was to get caught the elastic band and Velcro is designed to release freeing your rooster from danger..However initial supervision is always recommended and hazards removed when free ranging your birds

Fitting Tips: You need to apply the collar loosely at first in a safe area and monitor the signs of distress, there are several instructional videos available on our Facebook Group Page posted by customers and ourselves too..After applying the collar we recommend giving them a treat so as not to associate the collar with a bad experience.. The rooster may walk backwards after initial placement, shaking their head trying to remove the collar, and this only usually lasts a few short moments and then he will behave as is the time to give him another treat. After which it is recommended to allow the rooster time to adjust wearing it, a day or so, before beginning to tighten the collar. It is a new sensation and at first they may try to remove it. When adjusting the collar it is suggested to tighten it several times each day when you hear him crow, until you have found the most effective fit, this takes several attempts and each rooster and breed is different. Do watch very closely for signs of distress or difficulty breathing which may occur if tightened too quickly. The collar should ultimately be close fitted but not too tight that the rooster is distressed.

Collars come in 3 different styles, Narrow (black), Soft (black and white) and Extra wide (available in 6 different colour choices). The extra wide collars are very popular and can overlap to a much smaller size if needed for cockerels and can be adjusted as they grow. Wide collars are recommended for roosters that have already started crowing. The soft collar range is suitable for young cockerels and mature birds and is proven to be very effective on breeds such as pekins and young silkies and other breeds that have not already started crowing...our Narrow range are perfect for smaller breeds like Belgium D'uccles with shorter necks or small birds that are wearing a collar for the first time.. so you will find a collar to suite each rooster of all breeds and ages...

Join us on facebook group “the chicken domain” for further tips and information,and join in on our chats to find out more... Thankyou

The Chicken Domain... proudly Manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia